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Welcome to Nadzeya Sanatorium

225103, Brest region, Zhabinka district,
1,6 km. to the North from Chizhevshina village

GPS coordinates: N52° 11′29" E24° 08.62′

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Ultrasound diagnostics room
Accommodation in comfortable bright rooms with beautiful surrounding nature views from the window. Flexible payment and accommodation options.
For the needs of visitors modernly equipped physiotherapy room, inhalation room and psychological rehabilitation room are open.
Interesting excursion tours through the beautiful natural scenery, historical sites and architectural merits of the region.

Доллар США2.1056
100 российских рублей3.2073

Welcome to Nadzeya Sanatorium

Nadzeya Sanatorium caters for people suffering from diseases of:

1. Cardiovascular system:

  • chronic heart rheumatic ailment
  • stenocardia
  • chronic ischemic heart ailment
  • arterial hypertension
  • hypotonia
  • cerebrovascular diseases
  • vegetovascular dystonia

2. Respiratory system:

  • Acute and lingering pneumonias
  • bronchial asthma
  • chronic obstructive lungs disease
  • multiple bronchiectasis
  • rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis
  • congenital anomaly of lungs, trachea and bronchial tubes

3. Musculoskeletal and peripheral nervous systems:

  • spinal osteochondrosis, polyarthritis
  • scoliosis, myositis, arthropathia

4. Diagnosis and treatment methods include:

  1. Medical examination to ascertain individual treatment program based on each patient’s needs;
  2. Functional treatment methods (EKG, tests under physical load, spirography)
    Climatic treatment;
  3. Speleotherapy;
  4. Physiotherapy exercises (curative gymnastics, mechanotherapy, terrainkur, Strelnikova breathing exercises)
  5. Low-calorie diets
  6. Phytotherapy (anti-sclerosis, antihypertensive, sedative and rejuvenating herbs);
  7. Aromatherapy
  8. Revitalizing manual and hydro massage, mechanical relaxation massage
  9. Mud-baths (medicated baths and showers, aroma baths, wax-ozokerite applications, electro mud)
  10. Sauna and swimming pool
  11. Mineral water treatment
  12. Electric treatment: electrophoresis, ultrasound therapy, electrosleep therapy, diadynamic therapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, d\\\'arsonvalization, solarium)
  13. Reflex therapy  
  14. Manual therapy
  15. Psychotherapy
  16. Pharmacotherapy
  17. Asthma and hypertension education classes.
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